Cats in Distress

Feral & Frightened

The term ‘feral’ is commonly misused to label any cat that lives outdoors and is unsocialised to humans, often displaying instinctive fearful and defensive behaviour and avoiding human contact.

Some of these cats will have been born in the wild, the descendants of unneutered domestic cats that have strayed or been abandoned. But many are stray, homeless, unwanted or abandoned cats displaying ‘feral’ behaviour just to survive.

Feral or Frightened?

Very often these aren’t feral, they are just scared frightened animals.  Whether feral or timid we work with all cats to find the right home for them. Cats that have always lived by their wits and don’t want human interaction are generally feral.

They can’t be rehomed in a traditional home but neither should they be allowed to suffer. Feral cats are generally not neutered and can quickly become a problem. We can help with neutering, If there is sufficient food and shelter available, we will suggest an assisted TNR, (trapping, neutering and return) programme.

But if conditions aren’t suitable for the cat to be returned, due to abuse or neglect we will co-ordinate a transfer to a smallholdings or farm, where people have agreed to provide food and shelter, in return for an ecological pest control solution.

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