Cats in Distress

Domestic Cats

There are countless reasons why domestic cats needs to be re-homed. 

Despite best-laid plans, life happens, and situations change. 

Relationship breakdowns, moving house, the death of an owner, and a change in financial situation, are all reasons why a beloved cat has to be re-homed. In addition, there might be behavioural issues, pets not getting on, or neighbour disputes. 

Whatever has happened or is happening, we are here to help.

Understandably, domestic cats can find life in a rescue pen very stressful. For those cats, we have a large team of fosterers. 

Fosterers look after those cats that are healthy and used to living in a home providing them some much-needed TLC and reassurance. Fostered cats stay with their fosterer until we find them their purrfect home.

In turn, this allows us to help more cats and frees up our rescue space for cats who have been living on the streets. 

Those who require veterinary treatment or specialist handling or time to adjust to living amongst people again, benefit greatly in this environment.

Available Cats & Kittens