Cats in Distress

About Us

Cats in Distress is a registered cat welfare charity based in Frome, Somerset.

Since we opened our doors in May 2016, our team of volunteers has worked tirelessly to save lives and promote animal welfare.

We’ve helped over 2,000 cats in total, and now help more than 350 cats a year.

Rehoming domestic cats is just a small part of what we do. As well as working with members of the public to help strays and abandoned cats, we are proud to work alongside other welfare organisations, such as Search & Scan, Cats Protection and the RSPCA

What We Do

We run a purpose-built rescue, with the focus being on cat-friendly housing. 

All cats are admitted into the rescue first. 

This allows us to assess, provide treatment as necessary and establish an individual care plan. The rescue has spacious accommodation, with heated bedrooms, providing lots of places for our guests to hide if they wish.

Our team of volunteer socialisers are trained in cat behaviour and understand the needs of our residents. 

While some like to play, others require a lap, and some just need space, a calm reassuring voice and a Dreamie or two.

Sadly, we always have a waiting list of cats that need help and there are always more cats than spaces available. We give priority to those cats most in need, in particular pregnant or feeding queens and their kittens.

Although we might not be able to admit a cat immediately, we do respond to calls and can offer advice and practical solutions until we have space. 

We are independent, receive no money from Lottery funding and rely solely on donations and our own fundraising initiatives.